ZMF Eikon LTD Marblewood kuulokkeet

ZMF Eikon LTD Marblewood kuulokkeet
Kategoriat: Musiikki, Kuulokkeet
Brand: ZMF
1719 EUR

ZMF Eikon LTD Marblewood kuulokkeet Suljetut / puolisuljetut ZMF Eikon Limited Edition hifikuulokkeet. Ominaisuudet Impedance: 300 Ohms Driver: Biocellulose Weight: 530g ±10g Sensitivity: ~98dB/mW Myyntipakkauksen sisältö ZMF Eikon Marblewood kuulokkeet ZMF Stock Braided Cable ZMF Eikon Solid Pads ZMF Owner’s Card Lifetime Driver Warranty Muuta The upgraded magnesium chassis is painted, not anodized, and may wear over time. All 2-strand upgrade cables are 4.5 feet in length. All 4-strand upgrade cables are 5.5 feet in length. Only one discounted upgrade cable can be purchased in a bundle with each set of headphones, the stock cable is still included with purchase. To add a fully custom cable, check out our cables page! LTD edition headphone sales are final and non-returnable. Production/Wait times for products are estimates, order updates will be sent regularly.